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April 1, 2015


On Saturday the 21st of March Rockfest began with a Bang………. of thunder!

The first night was the street party, the main street of town was blocked off for the dance floor and the Band had set up on the Post Office Verandah as their stage, but unfortunately the big bang of thunder meant a lot of rain! So a message went up on the Blackboard of the Town Hall ‘ROCKFEST POSTPONED’ until the next night!


On Sunday night the street was blocked off again and no rain was in sight and this time the night started of with a bang but with a bang of the drums as ‘Rockbottom’ took to the stage!
Two new bands came over this year ‘The Retro Band’ & ‘Stage Invaders’ and they definitely didn’t let us down with the highlight being ‘Stage Invaders’ starting with ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and a little hint of fire works to get the crowd excited, by than everyone was up on the dance floor and the night was danced away, this was just a warm up for what was on offer for the week coming up!!
Monday night everyone headed down to the Bowling Club to the Rock and Bowls night and yet again the night was danced away and i think a lot of sore heads and sore muscles the next day!


Anchorage Restaurant was the next venue on the list on Tuesday Night, With a full Restaurant every one was sat down for dinner and cocktails but as soon as ‘Rockbottom’ started soon enough the staff were moving tables so there was a dance floor and before long the restaurant was bouncing up and down to the music!


The afternoon Beach Party was down at Neds Beach on the Wednesday and due to the weather again it was moved up to the Main Street. There were a few showers of rain but that didn’t stop anyone from coming down and enjoying the music. The night started off with the School kids opening the show singing and playing the ukuleles, The Retro Band got up on stage to join in with one of their songs and also Pyro Pete had a surprise for them whilst playing, letting off the foam machine to give it a great effect, it looked like Lord Howe was snowing, the Kids loved it and so did the Crowd. Once again the the night was danced away with the bands playing all the classics!!



Thursday afternoon was a perfect afternoon for cocktails at Anchorage and a bit of Acoustic music played by both local Bands and a mix of singers from the Bands…Local girls Lossy & Lani Thompson stole our hearts with their own original Island songs.


All of a sudden it was Friday night the last night of the Rockfest and of course we did it Island style, everyone all dressed in Hawaiian shirts, flowered dresses, leis and flowers in their hair!
The night began with the school kids opening the show island style with their ukuleles which really got the crowd excited than to follow there were a few more local bands.


What really got the night started was the amazing display of fireworks put on by Pyro Pete, with it only being the 3rd time fireworks have been on the island everyone including the adults were very excited there were lots of cheers and ooowwwwww ahhhhhhhh!


But the night didn’t stop there there was way more dancing to do and thats exactly what everyone did till midnight, there was one point in the night a thought passed my mind wether the deck on the golf club would hold that many people dancing and jumping up and down! Unfortunately The week came to an end and we all woke up with ears still ringing and a sore head for some!! A massive thanks to Dave Berkman for putting on such a great week for the island and all the crew and Bands that come along with him, we are already counting down to next Year!!!

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